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Cover Yourself with Car Insurance When in Mexico During the holiday season, Mexico is one great place to visit. But before you go on a driving adventure to Mexico, it is advisable that you prepare yourself with an insurance for your car. Many people do not realize that you cannot use your American auto insurance in Mexico. This is because most Mexican car repair shops will not accept American car insurance. Based on Mexican Law, it is required that all tourists should have a vacation car insurance policy. This vacation insurance is given by an insurance carrier in Mexico, that will serve for the duration of your holiday stay. This policy is valid during your choice of stay whether daily, weekly or monthly and up to 6 month. But if your stay goes beyond 6 months, it is necessary for you to get already a regular insurance policy.
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There are two choices for you when buying an auto insurance for Mexico.
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You can opt to use your US policy while crossing the border, and when you are in a town there you can stop and buy the car insurance for Mexico use. There are several small offices that cater to visitors and they process quickly. If you opt to drive using your American car insurance in crossing the border, it is your responsibility. This is why, to avoid problems along the way, it is advisable that you buy ahead your car insurance for Mexico before going. There are insurance companies where you can purchase you car insurance for Mexico, and you can do this ahead of time with the help of your insurance company. You can browse through the internet about auto insurance in Mexico. Online information has made it easy to learn about car insurance in Mexico. All you need to know are the various kinds of insurance policy and the coverage under each as far as Mexican law is concern. Your insurance policy should be able to protect you in cases of bodily injury and if you accidentally killed a pedestrian. Your insurance should also cover you with a legal defense in case the matter is brought to court. The auto laws in Mexico are known to be different from that of the USA and Canada. Mexico law enforces proof of your insurance aside from another auto insurance in Mexico when you drive around the country. Car insurance in Mexico features personal injury protection for both the driver and passengers injured during the accident in all medical costs. On top of the common losses due to the accident, other comprehensive physical damages out of theft, by floods, animals or fire, will be compensated. Looking online about auto insurance in Mexico will give you information of the different coverage.