Some Of The Best Reasons Businesses Should Sell In China

Businesses are always looking for more consumers to reach and sell to. More than a third of the world’s population is based in China, yet many companies are hesitant about pursuing the consumers there. China is full of consumers longing for many American products. The following are the best 10 reasons to sell in china.

First of all, the e-commerce market in China is growing exponentially. In fact, out of all of the e-commerce markets in the world the one in China is growing the fastest. Second of all, this year, China’s e-commerce market will likely reach nearly $450 billion. When you take both of these things into account you can see why more businesses should do business with China.

Two more reasons involve China’s mobile use and expected e-commerce growth in the next five years. Only one out of every five American internet users make mobile payments. Compare this to the fact that more than one out of every two Chinese internet users use their mobile devices to make payments and purchases. When it comes to e-commerce growth, by 2020 China’s market will lead the entire world.

Businesses should begin selling to China because Alibaba is big in China, and Chinese consumers are interested western brands. Alibaba is a huge online commerce company and is a dominant force in China. Because of the fact that e-commerce is so popular, western businesses won’t have a problem finding Chinese consumers who are willing to buy.

As a business owner, you can reduce knock-off products and reach hundreds of millions of people at the same time. China is crawling with fake products that are made to look like the real thing. Western companies lose out on billions of dollars because of these fake items. If you sell in China, you’ll have access to hundreds of millions of people who will buy from you with confidence.

Lastly, Alibaba is an online commerce company that continuously outperforms some of America’s top e-commerce sites. The company also generates more money in a single day than all American sites put together. Taking all of this into account, you can see why more businesses should be investing in China. By not investing in China, and it’s consumers, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.